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Rim Repair

Hello, welcome to my web site. When you come to my shop you will have a highly skilled and highly certified automotive technician working on your rim. I hold two master level certifications: one is a factory Master technician and the other is a ASE Master level tech. I have been in the automotive trade for over 45 years. This I feel is comforting to my customers to know and very rare in the industry. I will go out of my way to help people get a replacement rim or fix the one they have. The following is the list of products I offer.

Rim Straightening 

 Straighting a basic light bend on the inner barrel costs $175 per rim for aluminum rims up to 19 inches, rims above 19 inches cost more.  The inner barrel is the inside of your rim just above the brake caliper.  Heavy bends can cost $175.00 each  or more depending on the work required and the size of the rim. I am now serving customers that have up 24 inch rims for straightening. 

Crack Repair 

Good crack repair requires a three stage process.  Stage one is Tig welding the crack. Stage two is straightening and truing the rim.  And stage 3, the final phase, I machine the inside lips to ensure the tire seals properly to the rim. This I feel is the correct way to repair a cracked rim and why I guarantee the work for 6 month or 6,000 miles (with factory tires being used) or what I listed on your final work order.  However, please note we do not guarantee the roads you drive on.  If you redamage your rim again on another pot hole your rim will NOT be covered under warranty. I tig weld rims with a single crack up to 24 inches. Please call for appointment. 

CNC Machining

 If you've hit a curb and scratched your CNC rim  no worries! I can cut a new face on the rim and make it look great again for only $125.00 up 22 inch rims. Same day service.  Please go on google or YELP under Charlie’s Rim Repair to see my many CNC curb rash repairs. Quality and customer service is my goal with every rim I work on.

Rim Painting

Painting the face of your curbed rash rim is a good option  for people who don't have four to five days to re powdercoat. The cost is $175 or more depending on your damage to remove curb rash and repaint damaged area on rims 19 inch,  larger rims cost more, which also includes removal of curb rash. Repainting and curb rash repair can usually be done with your tire still on the car if there is only minor damage.  Please send pictures to my business cell 209-598-5202 so I can advise you if you will have to remove your tire.

3 Piece Rims 

The cost for resealing 3 piece rims that have no damage is $325.00 plus any parts needed such as bolts, nuts, or barrels.   If your 3 peice rim has damage please call for an esitmate. Allow 3 days for this repair due to proper drying time & retorque.

Eccentric Boring

We now offer eccentric boring. If you have a set of cool rims in which the bolt pattern is correct but the eccentric bore is too small, I can bore it to the size you need. Please bring your old rim in with the new rim so I can use that eccentric bore measuement as the pattern to bore out the new rims . Cost is $80.00 per rim to resize the eccentric bore. 

Tire Air Leaking

If your tire is leaking air, I can machine the rim's inner sealing lips to remove corrosion where the tire seals to the rim.  This restores a proper sealing surface  so that your tire will seal to the rim correctly . This service can be completeed in 2 hours per rim. Cost is $80 per rim. Google has many pictures of this repair on my web site under Charlie’s Rim Repair. 

Steel Rim Repair

 Small car steel rim repair costs $80.00per rim. Light trucks and vans are $100.00 per rim. All steel rim repairs done with a steel rim machine designed to repair steel rims. 

Rim Repair

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 8-5 pm. 

Important! YOU Must Have your tire removed for all repairs. I do not have tire machines therefore, I am not in competion with any tire stores or dealerships. I do service for all the tire shops and Dealerships in a 80 mile radius of my shop. 

If you want your rims checked for possible bends or cracks I will inspect them for you free of charge. Also, when you're thinking of purchasing a set of previously owned rims it's a good idea to have them checked out first!

 Face bends 

The face of the rim is what you see on the out side of the rim at the lug nuts. The unsupported part above the brake caliper is called the inner barrel, this is the number one place for a pot hole bend. Face bends at the face lip will require the rim to be repainted. Text me a picture of the front of the rim for a estimate on all rims. with face damage. Thank you.

If you have any questions or want a complete estimate, text  a picture of the damaged rim to (209) 598-5202. My home town is Modesto, Ca 95350. Please call for appointment. 

Thank you so much for checking out my website and for your business!


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